More than Jewelry – A True Piece of Your Heart

Angel necklace beaded jewelryWhen is art jewelry more than just jewelry?

When it’s a piece designed to remember someone special, someone talented and someone gone too soon!

This beautiful necklace started as an inquiry.  I purchased the pendant from an artisan with no specific purpose other than it spoke to me.  I knew the right woman would see it and it would speak to her too.  So I posted a photo of it on my Facebook wall inviting the woman that it spoke to as well, to have a custom design session with me so I could design her a one of a kind piece of legacy jewelry.

I was so touched when someone near & dear to my heart sent me a private message saying the pendant really spoke to her too and could she commission me to make something special for her.  Kindred hearts we are!  She’s graduating high school, going off to college and her life is just beginning.  So the fact she loves my beaded jewelry designs enough to want a piece of her own really spoke to my soul. beaded angel fairy  necklace

Little did I know when I was pouring my love into this special piece of jewelry the meaning and feeling that would truly be behind this one of a kind beaded necklace.

A week prior to her graduation party, I received news that a very dear friend of hers had passed away.  It’s hard enough losing someone close to you when they’ve lived a full life.  But at 18, to young, gone too soon… how does one cope?  Lots of tears, abundant love and surrounding oneself with family and friends!

In an instant, the angel featured on the necklace suddenly received a name.  And the necklace will be worn close to this beautiful woman’s heart so she can cherish her friend and keep the memories they shared alive!  I can’t think of a better graduation gift to send someone off to college with.  Remembering the past, growing in the present and looking toward the future!

This lovely young woman is going to achieve so many things and touch so many MORE lives (because she’s already making a difference in the lives of all those around her.)  I’m honored she will be wearing a piece of Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry, not just because it was designed for her to match her unique style, but because it’s made with love… given heart to heart and will carry the legacy of her friend forever!

Love & Hugs, Dawn

1FBButtonIf you are interested in having a special, one-of-a-kind piece of legacy jewelry designed exclusively for you, I’d love to connect with you.  Apply for a complimentary design session where we’ll set up a time to talk, discuss what you are looking for, your style and personality and what type of jewelry speaks to you.  From there, I will create a piece, filled with love that you can wear beautifully, then pass down to your family so your legacy can live infinitely!  Apply for a complimentary design session here:

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