Custom Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

If you have been by the side of someone fighting cancer you know how much emotion goes into each & every day.  Some days are good while others drain the energy right out of you and the treatments get long.

breast cancer awareness jewelryWith breast cancer, we’re seeing more women impacted.  If caught in time, breast cancer is treatable and has a great success rate.  However, if women aren’t in-tune with their bodies and taking the proper precautions to do annual exams, breast cancer symptoms can be overlooked causing a much more challenging problem when the diagnosis comes to the surface.

For women that have fought breast cancer, I honor you.  I met many women going through radiation and chemo treatments while taking a family member to the hospital for radiation.  It amazed me how different the “packaging” the women came in that were fighting cancer.  All ages, all body types.  Some women were only in their 30’s and looked healthy.  You would never know they had just found a malignant tumor in their breast.  And yet, each and every one of the women stood tall, walked proud and carried a determination that they were going to beat it!

breast cancer jewelryToday I want to honor those women.  Your courage and spirit continue to inspire all of us.  For those that have lost someone to breast cancer, I wish I could give you one more day with your loved one.  One more smile, one more hug.  Know that you are in my heart.  I’d love for you to share your story.  Keep your loved one’s legacy alive by helping spread the word.

If you would like to honor a loved one with a custom designed piece of legacy jewelry, feel free to contact me.  I work one-on-one ensuring your vision is met and your expectations are exceeded.  I want to make sure each piece of custom jewelry I create represents you, your unique style and personality.  And more importantly it enhance your true beauty!  Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry is one-of-a-kind and comes with a certificate of authenticity so you can pass your custom design down as legacy jewelry to your daughters, granddaughters and future heirs.  Keeping the memories alive and honoring those that have fought the bravest fight!

“Hi Dear Dawn,

Here is a pic of Gloria in all her glory!!! It was an absolutely fabulous evening and the brooch you made her was perfect!! She loves it and has already received complements from people as she walks by them!! The letter you included was simply icing on a perfect cake….she will tell your story a million times….every time she wears the brooch….. Thank you Thank you Thank you for making such a unique gift for her……she’ll always remember turning 70 with fondness….

Thanks to for your thoughtfulness in sending something extra for Jan…’re truly a special lady.” ~A.F. Avon, FL

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