Poker Necklace – For The Love of Greg

custom designed beaded necklace

Greg’s Love

The love you feel when you’re giving selflessly to another knowing that you’re making a difference in their life is priceless!

This past weekend we had a Spaghetti Dinner Benefit for my brother who is fighting brain cancer.  It’s been a long journey and because of the side effects of Greg’s treatment, he needed several home modifications done for his safety and mobility as he continues to fight.  So we designed this benefit to raise the funds necessary, but also to allow Greg to interact with old friends, classmates, family and other survivors for a day filled with love and blessings. 

As Greg’s big sister, I wanted to create something that told Greg’s story and added grace and dignity to his battle against this horrible disease…. here’s what I created and the meaning behind Greg’s Love – Making the Best of the Hand You Were Dealt!

Dawn’s Favorite Things

I’ve personally put this collection together with a few of my favorite things.  Allow me to share them with you and just maybe they’ll become a few of your favorite things too!

My dear brother Greg embodies so many amazing qualities… he’s loving, gentle, caring, kind and funny… SO very funny!  He loves his family beyond words and enjoys making us all laugh and feel special.  Greg loves cards and playing cards with his buddies… thus the inspiration for this special necklace!

Custom designed necklace & jewelry set  The focal is a pairing of a vintage glass button and dichroic glass.  The cards spoke to me the second I decided to make something special for Greg’s benefit.  The aqua color is reminiscent of Greg’s trips to Florida with his friends in high school and again for my cousin’s bat mitzvah celebration a few years later.  He loves adventure and going on trips… don’t worry about getting lost because somehow we’ll all laugh about it later. 

*Like that one time when we were trying to find my sister Amy’s new house in Stoughton…. And we ended up in Marshall (17 miles completely the wrong direction) making us late for Greg’s birthday party and laughing because Greg’s response was… “Huh, so this is where Marshall is.  I’ve always wanted to visit Marshall!” 

poker card necklace beaded jewelry

For the Love of Greg


Also included in this package are 2 gift cards to a few of my favorite restaurants in Lake Geneva.  Both of these were donated by my dear friend, Laura Rodriguez. 

The Next Door Pub has their own, custom recipe for Sangria… and it is delicious.  It was actually my restaurant of choice for my birthday dinner. A tall sangria (for the fruit of course – wink, wink) and a delicious aloha pizza… on a gluten free crust!  Anything the Pub makes is delicious!  Have haven’t been voted the Best of Walworth County 4 years running for nothing!

My hands down, favorite breakfast location of all time is Egg Harbor Cafe in Lake GenevaIt’s more than just a meal… it’s coming home to friends.  The entire staff at Egg Harbor are so wonderful, always smiling, always making sure every single guest has an amazing experience.  They are great with the kids and make sure to bring special birthday pancakes out if it’s a little one’s special day.  Their food is truly something to drive to Lake Geneva for.   And their gluten free menu is extensive, delicious and what keeps me coming back! 

This package is just a sampling of a few of my favorite things.  If you are the lucky winner, know you’re wearing something created in love, just to help my brother Greg.  I’d do anything to help him, make him smile and carry his legacy on forever!  Everybody needs a Greg in their family!

With love,


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