The Bella Amore Brand

Bella=Beautiful, Amore=Love

dawn doucette bella amore legacy jewelryThrough all the most important moments in a life – a new baby born, a marriage celebrating love found, celebrations for graduations, new jobs, new homes, the passing on of loved ones, even illness and those trying times you think are insurmountable – it is our ties to family and traditions that bind us together and are the sum of who we are.

Bella Amore creator Dawn Doucette learned the true meaning of those important moments and “beautiful love” from her large, supportive family. Every member and every generation in her family has been part of creating the heart-centered woman she is today, a woman who chooses to see the beauty in the world around her and who embraces the people, places and events that make a difference in every facet of her life.

Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry celebrates the creation of that legacy with one-of-a-kind artisan pieces designed to reflect and symbolize the uniqueness that is every woman. Dawn works closely with each client to understand personal style and taste to create custom jewelry pieces that are the perfect expression of each individual.

Whether it is a gift to commemorate a special occasion or a piece of jewelry to be handed down through the generations, Dawn creates her Bella Amore Legacy Jewelry to withstand the test of time and to be a window to wonderful memories created in a family over many lifetimes.


“Dear Dawn,

Thank you for creating such a beautiful bracelet and earrings just for me! What a luxury to have a custom piece of jewelry made to fit my frame, my color preference and my personal taste! I will wear the bracelet and earrings with pride!”