“Well you certainly out did yourself Dawn. The necklaces is just stunning, the pictures are beautiful, but in person it is just beyond gorgeous. Thank you so much, it was so thoughtful of you to do that for me. You made my day!”

—Meg Carter

“Oh, Dawn! I just got the necklace and I can hardly believe how beautiful it is! She’s going to LOVE it! My husband just loves it too. The earrings are perfect. Thank you so much for including them and your nice note to [my friend] and your sweet note to me. I’m happy to have you as an internet friend! Hugs!”


“OMG!! OMG!! It is so stunning!! I can not even tell you how much I love it...the rose, the key, the beading it is all exquisite!! I think it is the most beautiful piece I have ever seen and for sure the most beautiful I will ever is to be an heirloom for sure!! One day my grand daughter will so treasure this...I am in tears..this comes at a point that I so need something beautiful too..I can not ever thank you enough. Oh the do like lobster claw, it sometimes seems easier for to close. Thanks so much once are so precious!”


“I wasn’t sure if my mom found ya and emailed you but in the event she hasn’t I wanted to let you know her boss LOVED the necklace. She was amazed by the work and how beautiful it was. So thank you so much for being the one to make her smile. My mom couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful it was as well. She said 'I saw the picture but it's so much prettier in person.' Again thank you.”

—D.K. Janesville, WI

“Just got the mail at work HOLY COW! Love my new super happy super fun bracelet! It’s beautiful and perfect and pretty and I am IN LOVE! Thank you once again for blowing me away!”

“Love, love, love the bracelet. Love the energy and the time you took to create what sizzzl represented to you. It so resonates with me, my message & sizzzl. ♥”

—Suzy Manning, Sizzzl

“I love this set! I ordered the beads without a real idea of what I wanted and had them shipped directly to Dawn's studio. Never in my dreams would I have come up with something this incredible! Every angle, every aspect, every inch of both the necklace and earrings are incredible. Dawn took three beads and made a masterpiece. I never expected a set this gorgeous! You can see all of the time, effort, and love that went into this creation! If you have a bead (or beads) that you just love, but have no idea what to make, or how to make it, contact Dawn. She’ll take a look at your beloved beads and discuss your options with you.”

“OH MY GOD! I just received my earrings and bracelet! All I can say is WOW! Gorgeous in pictures, but WAY better in person! Your pictures, which are great, don’t do your pieces justice! I am so in love! I’m wearing the bracelet as I type this and can’t help but stare at its beauty! It’s PERFECT! You are such a stunning woman, inside and out, and every possible which way.”


“Just wanted to let you know my package arrived safely the other day. The bracelet is perfect for my MIL, as I hoped it would be. And the necklace is fabulous. I wasn’t sure if it would be too heavy, but it’s so nice and light and still has a good substantial look. I’m actually wearing the earrings right now. What a special surprise!! Thanks so much! Hugs.”

—Christine, MO

After just seeing the photo online: “OHMYFLIPPINGGOSH! You SERIOUSLY made that for MEEEEEE? Dawn, that is beyond awesome!!!! I keep scrolling up and scrolling down trying to type this to look at it again! That is beautiful! I…..well…..I am just stunned. Totally stunned! and humbled, Dawn, you outdid yourself!!! I can for sure see you getting requests for another like this. Okay, I need tissues……I must go compose myself……and then take up vigil by the mailbox.”

After receiving the package: “Speaking of ripping packages open in the car, I got your necklace this morning when I checked the mail coming home from night shift…YAY, my necklace arrived! Your packaging is great! What sweet, personal touches you have, your customers probably feel like princesses when they receive items from you. (I know I did!) I just woke up from sleeping and me and hubby are going to run out and get some supper, and I can’t wait to wear my necklace! It is so awesome, you make color selection and design look as easy as breathing! It will be nice to get out and show off your piece! Hope you have a great weekend, and know that your necklace is going out-on-the-town in Wasilla.”1Dawn

—Dawn H., Northern Adornments

“Just received the necklace & earrings. I just knew the picture didn’t tell the whole story (as always) beyond Stunning when you see it in person. Another Fabulous piece that takes my breath away! You mentioned the beads were handcrafted by JulsBeads..absolutely Amazing! Love the unexpected gift! Looking forward to next year & more custom pieces! Hugs!”

“Dawn, I just want to say thank you again for making my wedding jewelry! It really made everything come together, and looked so perfect! You did an awesome job, and it was just what I wanted. THANK YOU! =)”

“Dawn, Thank you soooo much for making me the beautiful jewelry. You have made my day that much more special. I can’t wait to send you pictures!! Thanks so much for everything!” Hugs!”


“There are those times in life when an artist is gifted beyond their talents. Dawn Marie is one such woman. Far past the beauty you see on the outside is the beauty and talents that lay within. Her intuitive gift in connecting with you prior to making her amazing one of a kind creations for you lend to not only the uniqueness of the piece but will also bring our something unexpected in you. For ever treasured! Shine on!”


—Kathy S.

“Dawn Marie is INCREDIBLE! Not only as a designer but as a person! Kind, caring, and sincerely listens to everything you want in a piece of jewelry! I had her make a custom necklace to give as a gift and with just a brief description of the recepient came up with the MOST AMAZING piece of artwork for her! She created the most stunning bright and bold charm necklace that goes with pretty much anything. And she even offered to ship it internationally to save me the hassle! While browsing around her online store I picked up some gorgeous aqua and brown earrings with gold flakes in them, that are so breath taking! There are no words to describe the detail, thought and love that goes into every piece of Dawn Marie’s work! Thank you so much Dawn! You’re AMAZING!”

—Jenna O.

“5 Stars—Designs by Dawn Marie are absolutely beautiful. I am the proud winner of Dawn’s Pearl Earrings from her Blog Giveaway and they are gorgeous. I have been needing an update to my 'stay-at-home mom' blah wardrobe and image. These are the perfect in getting me out of my staple of diamond studs. Thank you so much Dawn!”


“Thank you very much for the very fine and beautiful bracelet I have received the other day! I just wanted to let you know! Thanks again ! Fine work!”


—Jean, Toronto, Canada

“The jewelry you made for Kristin’s wedding was gorgeous, everyone was really impressed. Think you got a few more orders coming your way. They looked lovely w/ our dresses! A true talent :)”


—Angela B. Rockford, IL

“Thank you SOOOOO much! You did not have to do that, but I very much appreciate it. B loved them so much, she put them on right away! I have a feeling I’ll be having a hard time getting them back as well, however she did tell me when she took them off tonight that she put them back in the box and put them away for when I want to wear them. She said, 'We can share them, ok Mommy?' lol So frickin’ cute! So thank you again, Ms. Dawn! You do some amazing beautiful things.”

“Dawn made this beautiful heart necklace. It is really unique in the way it is made. I have never seen anything like it before. It is gorgeous. It is pretty enough that you could wear it for going out or just everyday with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I would highly recommend her jewelery as I know you will receive something that will last and is made well and is just beautiful.”

—Sue Brandes, WI

“I wanted to let you know that I got a great compliment on my earrings on the plane! The lady sitting next to me said “I just love your earrings, they’re beautiful, where did you get them” so of course I thanked her and proceeded to tell her all about you.”

“I purchased these absolutely gorgeous earrings from my wonderful friend Dawn who is so talented, it makes it difficult for me to choose which piece of jewelry I want, as I want them all! However, the wonderful thing about Dawn’s jewelry, is that it is so reasonably priced, that you can actually afford more than just one piece if you so desire! I love these earrings, as not only are they just so beautiful, they are very unique, as are all of her pieces. If you haven’t tried one of Dawn’s beautiful creations yet, you need to, as I know you will fall in love with them, just like I have!”

—E. B.

“Only one word can sum up the transformation that took place with my Hawaii seashells Amazing! Thanks Dawn for turning a simple sovenier into something I can wear anytime. You exceeded my wildest dreams about what they could be! I’ll send you more caramels for going above and beyond!”

—Diane R.

“Dawn, This was the most beautiful set of jewelry. It matched my dress amazingly and the sparkle… WOW! The wedding was actually in a chateau in Paris and I felt like I was part of a royal procession. Thanks so much for making a special design just for me. I knew you would do something amazing, but you exceeded my wildest expectation!”

paris wedding jewelry

—Angie R.

“WOW! Got my jewelry in the mail already! Thank you so much – the bracelet is beautiful, and the earrings were such a great surprise...I’ll be stopping by your store again soon. Lightning fast shipping and a very quality product! I definitely recommend this seller.”


“This one is my favorite so far! I love Dawn’s work and can’t wait for her to add more items. Dawn also has excellent communication and quick delivery. Thank you!”



“I’m so happy with this purchase. Just got it in the mail and felt like I’d known Dawn Marie for years. She puts a lot of thought into the packaging alone! As to the necklace I bought─ Amethyst Kiss, Heart Pendant─ it’s absolutely gorgeous. Pale turquoise jewels against deep, rich lavender. The necklace makes my skin appear radiant, luminescent almost. Scotch-Irish skin here─this necklace somehow made me look tan! The workmanship is suburb. Definitely a piece of jewelry worth raving about. Thanks so much, Dawn Marie.”

amethyst earrings


Hi Dawn!

Every time I wear any of your necklaces, but especially the long, romantic one, I get compliments everywhere I go -- even lots of them from women waiting on me in stores and restaurants.

I need to get a bunch of business cards from you, bec everyone wants one! I will carry them with me and just pop one out when I get a compliment. Received one from a Brighton saleslady.

I am having such fun and enjoyment wearing your beautiful creations. So love the article you sent. Thank you for that!

XXOO Sherie


—Dr. Sherie Zander

Thanks you again for the prom jewelry my soul sista. Katie loved her beauty-ful jewels!!!! I posted a pic of our teal Katie! Thanks again sweetie muah!!! Xoxo

prom jewelry

—Angela R.

Hi Dawn,

Wow, is all I can say! It’s as gorgeous as I knew it would be! One possible modification is the length…I would like it a little shorter, and wondered if you could take some of the beading off of the ends. I’ll try it on at home tonight to determine a length that would work for me, and then I can drop it off. Let me know if either day would work to drop it by. Thanks, I love it.

Julie Sarton*As a custom order, I wanted to make sure the necklace fit Julie perfectly.  We connected and I was able to shorten the chain to fit her exactly the way she wanted to wear it.

—Julie Sarton - Keefe Real Estate